XVI th International Conference on Surface Forces

August 20-25, 2018, Kazan, Russia


List of posters

Suggested poster format A0- (width x height) 90x120 cm2. The material to fix the posters to the panels will be available in the posters area (foyer at the ground floor faced to Peterburgskaya street). Posters can be mounted starting from the lunch time on Tuesday 22 August and should be removed after the end of Poster session II on Wednesday 23 August. The conference venue does not have a poster printing facility. Participants are responsible for their own poster printing.

Please note that the authors of poster presentations will be given the opportunity to briefly expose their work with a "poster teaser": a short, 2-minute max, presentation based on one slide only to focus on the highlights of the work presented on the poster. The Poster Teaser session (one session for all posters) is preliminary scheduled on Tuesday 22 August at 14:00.

Two poster sessions are scheduled on the afternoon of Tuesday 22 August and Wednesday 23 August. Although all the posters are to be exposed for both sessions, to provide more definiteness in presence of authors for discussing their posters, the authors of posters with odd numbers are requested to be present at their posters during the Poster session I (Tuesday), and those with even numbers – during the Poster session II (Wednesday).

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Georgia Hurchalla, Yujin Sun and Jaroslaw Drelich (USA).

Water-Repellant Legs of Water Insects


E.V. Shmendel, T.O. Kabilova, N.G. Morozova, M.A. Zenkova, M.A. Maslov (Russia).

Effect of PEG-Containing Lipoconjugates in the Composition of Cationic Liposomes on the Transfection Efficiency


N. Kubochkin, N. Ivanova (Russia).

Breathing Droplets: Spreading at Cyclically Changing Humidity


Ya.V. Shalaeva, Ju. E. Morozova, V. V. Syakaev, A. M. Ermakova, I. R. Nizameev, M. K. Kadirov, E. Kh. Kazakova, A. I. Konovalov (Russia).

Nanosized Associates of Amphiphilic Amidoamino Calixresorcinarenes and Antitumor Drug Methotrexate in an Aqueous Solution and on the Surface of Gold Nanoparticles


N.M. Kuznetsov, A.V. Bakirov, D.Yu. Stolyarova, G.S. Peters, M.A. Sokolov, S.I. Belousov, S.N. Chvalun (Russia).

Montmorillonite Particles Orientation in Electrorheological Fluids Structure


K.M. Zinatullina, N.P. Khrameeva, O.T. Kasaikina (Russia).

Pro- and Antioxidant Characteristics of Immobilized Glutathione


M.M. Goncharov, А.N. Kondrashov, O.O. Fattalov, S.A. Zhdanov (Russia).

Emulsification Membrane Technology Optimization for the Monodisperse Emulsions Production


E. Ivanova, A. Muravev, A. Yakupov, O. Bazanova, I. Riavanov, V. Semenov, M. Kadirov, S. Solovieva, I. Antipin (Russia).

Complexation Properties of Thiacalix[4]Monocrown-Ether Receptors in the Solution and at the Air-Water Interface


T. Lyubimova, O. Fattalov (Russia).

The Effect of Surfactants on a Formation and Stability of Periodical Structures in a Two-Phase System Subjected to High-Frequency Vibrations


D. Mironova, G. Fatikhova, V. Burilov, S. Solovieva, I. Antipin (Russia).

Polyammonium Triazolyl Calix[4]Arene Derivatives: Interaction with Nucleoside Phosphates


K. Rybkin, T. Lyubimova, L. Filippov, O. Fattalov (Russia).

Experimental Investigation of Interaction of Cavitation Bubbles with Rigid Surfaces of Different Wettabilities in Water and Salt Solutions


E.A. Vasilieva, D.A. Samarkina, D.R. Gabdrakhmanov, S.S. Lukashenko, L.A. Vasileva, L.Ya. Zakharova (Russia).

Aggregation Properties of Cationic Surfactant with Sterically Hindered Head Group in the Presence of Different Types of Polyanions


I.S. Pytskii, E.S. Kuznetsova, A.K. Buryak (Russia).

Formation of Cluster Ions of Amino Acids with Silver, Copper and Nickel Salts in Surface Photoionization Conditions


R.A. Kushnazarova, A.B. Mirgorodskaya, S.S. Lukashenko, A.Yu. Shcherbakov, L.Ya. Zakharova, O.G. Sinyashin (Russia).

Individual and Mixed Systems Based on New Carbamate-Bearing Surfactants


Filippov A. (Russia).

Modeling Hydrodinamic Permeability of Ion-Exchange Membrane by the Cell Model


R.A. Kushnazarova, A.A. Kotenko, S.A. Grebenyuk, V.V. Burkhovetsky, S.L. Khil’ko, V.A. Mikhailov

Aggregation in Aqueous Solutions of Diimidazolium Salts with Short Semi-Rigid Spacer


U.L. Mostovaya, M.V. Donina, O.V. Yarovaya, G.M. Bondareva (Russia).

Evaluation of Aggregative Stability of Aqueous Nanoparticles Dispersions


A.B. Mirgorodskaya, F.G. Valeeva, D.R. Gabdrakhmanov, L.V. Mustakimova, L.Ya. Zakharova, V.A. Mamedov, O.G. Sinyashin (Russia).

Surfactant Based Nanocarriers for Quinoxalin Derivatives


L.S. Klimenko, D.V. Lyubimov, T.P. Lyubimova (Russia).

Interaction of a Rising Bubble and a Particle in a Liquid Subjected to Vibrations Near Resonance


A.B. Mirgorodskaya, T.M. Zubareva, M.K. Turovskaya, V.A. Mikhailov, T.M. Prokop’eva,

Design of Supernucleophilic Microheterogeneous Systems for Decomposition of Ecotoxic Substrates: From Alpha-Nucleophiles to Functionalized Surfactants


L.S. Klimenko, B.S. Maryshev (Russia).

Modeling of a Microchannel Blocage by the Random Walk Method


A.M. Ermakova, Ju.E. Morozova, Ya.V. Shalaeva, V.V. Syakaev, A.D. Voloshina, V.V. Zobov, O.B. Basanova, I.Kh. Rizvanov, I.R. Nizameev, M.K. Kadirov, A.I. Konovalov (Russia).

Amphiphilic and Dendrimeric Conjugates of Calixresorcinarenes and Polyethylene Glycol as New Low-Toxic Nanocontainers for Drug Delivery


Michael Ludwig, Sebastian Schön and Regine von Klitzing (Germany).

Extension of the Commonly Used Fitting Equation for Oscillatory Structural Forces


A.R. Ibragimova, D.R. Gabdrakhmanov, F.G. Valeeva, A.B. Mirgorodskaya, L.Ya. Zakharova (Russia).

Synthesis and Sorption Characteristics of MCM-41 Mesoporous Silica Designed for Targeted Drug Delivery


Simon Becker, Dimitri Ivanov, Dietmar Stephan, Wolfram Schmidt, Carsten Schilde and Regine v. Klitzing (Germany).

Particle Interactions in Accelerated Cementitious Systems


D. Samarkina, D. Gabdrakhmanov, E. Krylova, V. Semenov, L. Zakharova (Russia).

Aggregation and Solubilization Properties of Novel Cationic Amphiphile in the Absence and in the Presence of Polyelectrolyte


O. Chikova, V. V’yukhin, M. Vityunin (Russia).

Surface Tension Is a Structurally Sensitive Property of Metallic Melts


D. Samarkina, D. Gabdrakhmanov, S.S. Lukashenko, L.Ya. Zakharova (Russia).

Imidazolium-Containing Surfactants Bearing Hydroxyethyl Moiety: Self-Assembly in Aqueous Solutions, Solubilization Capacity and Interaction with Bioobjects


Maryna Manilo and Sandor Barany (Ukraine, Hungary).

Lyotropic Series and Electrosurface Properties of Some Colloids


E. Sultanova, I. Grigoriev, A. Valiyakhmetova, V. Burilov, S. Solovieva, I. Antipin (Russia).

Calix[4]Arene-Modified Polydiacetylene-Based Sensor


A.I. Yuryev, O.V. Bolshakova, D.D. Karpushova (Russia).

Dependence of Physical Properties of Copper Cathode on the Concentration of Surfactant in the Electrolyte, Which Evens the Surface of the Cathode


I.I. Shepeleva, А.V. Shokurov, N.V. Konovalova, V.V. Arslanov, P.A. Panchenko, S.L. Selektor (Russia).

Resonance Energy Transfer in Highly Ordered Ultrathin Films Based on Tetraphenylporphyrin and Naphthalimide Derivatives


D. Sychev, E. Golikova, L. Ermakova, A. Volkova (Russia).

Coagulation and Heterocoagulation Processes in Binary ZrO2– SiO2 Sol


A.V. Alexandrova, A.V. Shokurov, V.V. Arslanov, S.L. Selektor (Russia).

Mercury Receptor Properties of Hemicyanine Chromoinophore Monolayers and Films


P.V. Dolganov, N.S. Shuravin, V.K. Dolganov (Russia).

Surface and Bulk Phase Transitions in Thin Smectic Films


D.S. Kudinova, A.V. Shokurov, A.G. Martynov, A.V. Bakirov, A.A. Scherbina, Y.G. Gorbunova, V.V. Arslanov, S.L. Selektor (Russia).

Redox-Isomeric Trasnformations in Planar Supramolecular Systems Based on Crown- and Butoxy-Substituted Ytterbium bis-Phthalocyaninate


A. Kalugin (Russia).

On the Role of Surfacelike Elastic Constant for Orientational Instability in Nematic Liquid Crystal Layer


Е.A. Burilova, Т.N. Pashirova, A.I. Gabidullina, R.R. Starodubtseva, S.V. Bukharov, А.R. Burilov, L.Ya. Zakharova (Russia).

Synthesis and Self-Assembly of New Functionalized Derivatives of Sterically Hindered Phenols


Aleksei Kolodin (Russia).

Study of Morphology and Wettability of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials Using the Contact Angle Method and Deposition of Superfine Composite Films of Precious Metals


M.R. Ibatullina, E.P. Zhiltsova, S.S. Lukashenko, L.Ya Zakharova (Russia).

Self-Organizing Systems Based on Complexes of 1-Alkyl-4-Aza-1-Azoniabicyclo[2.2.2]Octan Bromide with Transition Metals


Agatha A. Ganne, K.I. Maslakov, A.I. Gavrilov

Superhydrophobic Steel Meshes: Fabrication and Study of Anti-Icing and Water Harvesting Properties


Y. Kulvelis, A. Shvidchenko, A. Aleksenskii, E. Yudina, V. Lebedev, A. Dideikin, A. Kuklin, A. Vul (Russia).

Self-Organization in Aqueous Colloids of Detonation Nanodiamonds with Poly(Vinylpyrrolidone)


V.V. Kaminsky, L.B. Boinovich, E.B. Modin, A.V. Aleshkin, K.A. Emelyanenko, E.R. Zulkarneev, I.A. Kiseleva, A.M. Emelyanenko

Cell Adhesion and Antibacterial Effect of Textured Surfaces Induced by Extreme Wettability


А. Valiyakhmetova, V. Burilov, E. Sultanova, D. Mironova, S. Solovieva, I. Аntipin (Russia).

Synthesis of New Amphiphilic Thiacalix[4]Arene-Diacetylene Derivatives and their Use in Polydiacetylene Vesicles for f-Metal Sensing


Elizaveta V. Chulkova, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich

Study of the Parameters of Supercooled and Frozen Water and Brine Droplets on Superhydrophobic Substrates at Low Negative Temperatures


Elizaveta V. Chulkova, A.R. Sayfutdinova, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich (Russia).

Influence of Medium-Chain Alcohol Vapors on Wetting Behavior of Superhydrophobic Surfaces


V.D. Sobolev, L.B. Boinovich, K.I. Maslakov, A.G. Domantovsky, I.P. Sergeeva, A.M. Emelyanenko (Russia).

Cation Capture and Overcharging of a Hydrophobized Quartz Surface in Concentrated Potassium Chloride Solutions


A.V. Shokurov, A.A. Alexandrova, M.A. Shcherbina, A.V. Bakirov, S.N. Chvalun, V.V. Arslanov, S.L. Selektor (Russia).

Structure Dependent Sensory Properties of Hemicyanine Chromoionophore at Air/Water and Air/Solid Interfaces


K.A. Emelyanenko, A. M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich (Russia).

The Wetting Behaviour of Hydrocarbon Liquids on Water with Accounting for Water Solubility


N.V. Sautina, A.O. Zakharova, Yu.G. Galyametdinov (Russia).

Probing of the Microenvironment of Pyrene in the Self-Organizing Process in the Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Sodium Sulfosuccinate System


I.A. Amelyushkin, A.L. Stasenko (Russia).

Simulation of Two-Phase Flows with Nonspherical Crystals Near Surfaces of Solid Bodies


G.T. Mazitova, E.V. Tolmacheva, K.I. Kiyenskaya, M.V. Sardushkin (Russia).

Colloidal-Chemical Properties in Aqueous Solutions of Cationic Surfactants


A.A. Alabuzhev, M.A Kashina (Russia).

Influence of a Difference in Properties of a Substrate Surface on a Forced Oscillation of a Cylindrical Drop in an AC Field


I.F. Shaimukhametova, S.A. Bogdanova, S.R. Allayarov, G.P. Belov, D. A. Dixon (Russia, USA).

Functiolization of Polymer Surface by Protone Irradiation


Alabuzhev A.A. (Russia).

Influence of Thermocapillary Effect on the Parametric Instability of a Two-Layer System in Longitudinal Vibrations


Kiseleva Yu.V., Murtazina L.I., Shevelev M.D., Ryzhkina I.S., Konovalov A.I. (Russia).

New Approaches to the Study of Dispersed Systems of Amphiphilic Substances in Low Concentrations


R. Mészáros, K. Bohács and S. Bárány (Ukraine, Hungary)

Electrosurface Properties and Stability of Cerium Dioxide Suspensions


A.R. Gataullin, S.A. Bogdanova, Yu.G. Galyametdinov (Russia).

Adsorption of Nonionic Surfactants on Carbon Nanoparticles from Aqueous Solutions


D.I. Beketova, P.S. Popovetskiy (Russia).

Preparation and Characterization of Organosols of Silver Nanoparticles in Tergitol NP-4 + AOT Microemulsions


Yu. B. Vysotsky, E.S. Kartashynska, V.B. Fainerman (Ukraine).

Theoretical Model for Description of Monolayer Formation for Non-Ionic Surfactants

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